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Saying goodbye and RIP to Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins:
Marine, cop, councilman, mayor.

Fiat Chrysler (and never mind the convoluted history behind that simple two-part name) wants to remake the Jeep -- an iconic brand to which Toledo lays claim as part of its history -- as an aluminum unibody, and claims that's not possible in Toledo. But Toledo is gambling everything -- watch, wallet and car keys --  on the purchase of land next to the (relatively new) Jeep Assembly Plant, one of the latest in a series of municipal real estate purchases made in hope of economic development. This was the cover for the Toledo Free Press and its story about the Jeep land purchase.

It seems plenty of people still haven't gotten the message about sex as a weapon, whether it's the rights to the free-for-all assumed in the name of -- ahem -- fraternal campus camaraderie or the fear of those who are different.

One step forward, one step to not quite where we were.
Space was in the news, from comet landers to revisiting old spacecraft designs to go,
in baby steps, past where we have gone before.

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